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Pursuing always in Sustainability:

We are excited to announce a significant stride in our sustainability journey. Obeikan Glass Company has achieved remarkable progress, with 22% of our total raw materials for manufacturing now sourced from recycled glass. It includes glass obtained not only from our production processes but also from collections at glass conversion facilities. We have set our sights on an ambitious goal: gradually increasing our recycling rate to an impressive 30%, which reflects our ongoing dedication to curbing environmental pollution and safeguarding invaluable natural resources while addressing the consumption challenge. As the proportion of recycled glass rises, it leads to reduced gas consumption during manufacturing, further enhancing the carbon footprint of our products.

Our Pledge to Environmental Stewardship:

At Obeikan, environmental sustainability is more than a goal; it’s an integral part of our ethos. Every stride is a stride toward a greener future, marked by waste reduction and the preservation of our planet’s resources.

Join Us on this Remarkable Journey:

Whether you are valued customers, esteemed partners, or individuals deeply concerned about our environment, we invite you to stand alongside us in this endeavor toward a more ecologically responsible future. Your support holds great significance; together, we can effect positive change.

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