IntroductionObeikan Glass Co. is pleased to announce to its shareholders the commencement of the nomination process for membership of the Board of Directors to elect 7 (Seven) members for the upcoming session, which will begin on 01/04/2024 and ends on 31/03/2027 and will last for 3 (three) years.Individuals interested in self-nominating for membership on the board, provided they satisfy the requisite conditions and qualifications, are invited to submit their candidacy applications within the stipulated timeframe as outlined in this announcement, adhering to the specified details.The nomination for the membership on the Board of Directors for the upcoming session will adhere to the provisions outlined in the Companies Law issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority, and the policies and procedures governing Board of Directors’ membership, as approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly. Candidates for the upcoming session will undergo the election process during the upcoming General Assembly meeting, the announcement of which will follow subsequent to securing the requisite approvals from the competent authorities.
Type of AssemblyNew Session
Assembly Start Date2024-04-01 Corresponding to 1445-09-22
Assembly End Date2027-03-31 Corresponding to 1448-10-23
Number of members7
Application Start Date2023-12-26 Corresponding to 1445-06-13
Application End Date2024-01-25 Corresponding to 1445-07-13
Applications Submission MethodThe candidacy application and its attachments shall be sent to the attention of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee to one of the following addresses:1- P.O. Box 30083, Postal Code 41912, Yanbu Industrial city.2- by e-mail to: inquiries, please contact the following during working days (Sunday – Thursday) between 8 AM and 4 PM:Phone: +966 145040356Note: Please note that any application that does not meet the requirements below will be considered void.
Application Requirements1- Fulfillment of the nomination requirements detailed the Board Membership Policy and procedure approved by the Company’s General assembly. (attached).2- Submitting a candidacy application within the period specified in the advertisement to email mentioned above. The candidacy application shall be accompanied by all the following documents:- Submit a signed letter (as per the attached form) expressing the candidate’s desire for nomination to the board of directors’ membership (attached)- Complete Form No. (1) CV. (attached)- Complete and sign Form No. (3) issued by the Capital Market Authority for candidacy for membership of the Board of Directors. (attached)- Attach the candidate’s curriculum vitae, including information about his profession and the main job he currently occupies, his qualifications and his experience in the field of the company’s business.-Submit a statement containing details of the number and dates of memberships on the boards of directors of other joint stock companies and the committees that he has assumed or is still a member of.- Submit a statement containing details of companies or institutions that the candidate manages or owns, and which conduct similar business to the Company.- Attach clear photocopies of valid national ID card, family card and a passport (for non-Saudi), the contact numbers of the candidate.- All documents and certificates supporting what was stated in the candidacy application in Arabic.- If the candidate has previously held a membership in the Board of Directors of Obeikan Glass Co., he must attach to the application for candidacy a statement from the company’s management on the last term in which he was a member of the Board, including the following information:a. The number of board meetings held in each year of the session, the number of meetings attended by the member and the percentage of his attendance to the total number of Board meetings.b. The permanent committees in which the member participated, the number of meetings held by each of those committees during each year of the session, the number of meetings he attended and the percentage of his attendance to the total number of committee meetings.The Nomination and Remunerations Committee will meticulously assess the nomination requests presented to it, emphasizing that exclusively completed nomination applications will be taken into consideration. Votes cast during the General Assembly are restricted to candidates nominated for the Board of Directors membership, aligning with the criteria delineated in the policy and procedures of the Board of Directors’ membership. The Company will publicize these details in adherence to paragraph (a) of Article 8 of the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority.

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